Monday, September 19, 2011

No Blood, No Gore, Just Megatons of Steel

Written by Seth Schiesel | | Sept. 16th 2011

When I could have been doing something healthy recently, like going to the gym, I was probably sniping with a Panzer IV from the escarpments of a desert called El Halluf. When I should have been doing something responsible, like scrubbing the tub, I was probably barreling around a European town called Himmelsdorf in an “Easy Eight” Sherman. Even when I should have been playing some other game, I was probably playing World of Tanks, a concussively enjoyable, shrewdly designed armored-combat game.

After more than 1,500 online battles, I now find myself daydreaming about obscure military concepts with vaguely suggestive names like gun depression, defilade and enfilade. To put it in blunt, even howitzerian, terms: if you have any interest in military tactics and a speedy computer (the game runs only on fairly powerful Windows PCs), you should at least give it a try. If you’re a World War II buff, the game is a must. And if you’re tiring of elves, demons and aliens, you may find the experience of watching your enemies scatter or be blown to shards by the rumbling might of your Tiger tank just a bit more visceral.

World of Tanks is about, well, yeah, tanks, specifically those of the World War II era. There are no people here, alive or dead. There are no limbs to be severed. No decapitations. In fact there is no blood at all, just a lot of nice, clean tank explosions and buildings being ground to rubble. More important, there are amazing victories just waiting to be pulled from the maw of defeat through your mastery of strategy and aim.
You know a game is good when you start hearing about it through the online communities of other games. I first learned about World of Tanks about a year ago, when it was in beta testing. 
Suddenly my fellow pilots in Eve Online, the sprawling science-fiction universe, were debating whether the Soviet IS-4 could stand up against the German Ferdinand and whether the American Pattoncould deal with the game version of the Soviet T-54....

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A fun game I play a bunch myself. ;-D 
- OnofakindKnight

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