Tuesday, February 15, 2011


BlogSpot won't keep me signed in when I try to comment on ppl's pages! Grrrr....! I think it's my firefox settings..... I guess I'll switch to IE or Safari. :P

~OoakK (lol)


  1. Hey...I thought you weren't aloud to have a blog anymore...?

  2. Yeah, lol, well what am I supposed to call the posts I stick on facebook or Yahoo then? XD This page will just be to test out stuff for now, and ask questions I guess (so maybe it's not a good thing to get notifications of when I post? lol!).

    Plus, it's not like I have much to SAY on here for it to be a real blog. When I did blog I wrote actual 4-8 paragraph entries every week.

    Thanks for checking it out, though. ;-D



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