Thursday, March 17, 2011

Technology - L.E.N.R.

Hey everyone! This is my first Technology post.

I was looking at an article the other day that was discussing Japan's electrical future. If/when this current crisis ends I highly doubt the Japanese citizens will allow their government to continue using nuclear power (and I wouldn't blame them). However, Japan cannot fully switch to Solar Power to replace the nuclear, they just do not have the land mass to place all those panels! Also, with Rare Earth Metals being on the squeeze from China (for those who don't know, Rare Earth Metals are used in a lot of modern high-tech devices. China dominates over 90% of the market because they have huge sources within main-land China, and they lately have been limiting what they export so the US and others have been scrambling to find their own sources) it would make switching to solar so much more difficult.
I read an article, and I'm not totally sure of it's usefulness, but there was an alternative technology mentioned called LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, also known to some as "Cold Fusion"). Now, this technology has been around for some time (1989), but it has been suppressed by the mainstream Nuclear scientists till now. Some of our US Navy researchers having been playing with the technology and supposedly it works similarly to "Hot Fusion" by boiling water into steam to run turbines but without the radioactive waste (which would be pretty useful for Japan). The only thing is that it takes more time for it to warm up, or something, lol. For more information refer to this link by Mike Adams of NaturalNews dot com. (

Hope somebody enjoyed that, lol.


  1. *scratches head* I'm not too good with all the technical terms but it sounds like a good idea. I live near a power plant but they only burn coal, thank goodness. Hey I wonder if that would work? Probably not though. :)

  2. Coal burning gives off mercury. Not good. Plus, coal doesn't give off nearly the amount of energy that nuclear does, hence more coal-to-heat ratio and more expensive and the mercury mentioned adds up. -.O
    I wish they didn't suppress nice tech though.


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